What Not To Wear Or How Not to Wear It!

If Kaleb wears his pants backwards all day at school, does that make me a bad parent?

That’s right, he had his pants on backwards all day at school. I  didn’t even notice until we got home at the end of the day (actually, I didn’t notice until Conner saw it and told me)!

The good news is the pants were sportswear with an elastic waistband.

It wasn’t too obvious, I suppose, if you didn’t happen to notice the tie string hanging down over his hiney and the western pockets on his posterior rather than in the front!

But, what’s totally embarrassing is a few days later when I dropped Kaleb off in his classroom at school, I noticed that Kenzie had her jeans on backwards.

That’s right, jeans! The zipper on her pants was pulled up over her hindquarters rather than her forequarters!

So, does that make me a good parent since I noticed she had her jeans on backwards before she wore them that way all day?

I’m wanting the toddlers to learn to get dressed on their own, so in the mornings they sometimes dress themselves or at least partly dress themselves (if we have time).

Apparently, they don’t always get it right…

And, when we are hurrying to get dressed, eat breakfast, get in the car and get to school on time, I guess quality assurance breaks down!

Have you ever let your children go to school with their clothes on backwards?

Because it would sure make me feel better if you had!

2 thoughts on “What Not To Wear Or How Not to Wear It!

  1. Way back in 1982, as I helped my 5 year old daughter onto the school bus I realized she had no panties on. In those days girls always wore dresses to school. What if I hadn’t noticed? Needless to say, I drove her to school that day.Just thinking about it now makes me feel like a bad mommy.


  2. Now, that’s funny, though it probably didn’t seem so to you at the time…but definitely meets the “bad mommy” qualifications…LOL!!


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