About Our Family

Hi, my name is Steve, but I’m Poppy to my six grandchildren–that is, except for two of them…

In 2010 my wife, Diane, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was gone from our lives eight months later.

We were raising two young grandchildren. Kaleb was three-and-and half and Kenzie was barely two when Nanna died.

For three years I was a single (grand)parent raising two toddlers and trying to find a “new normal.” And, along the way I became Dad to two of my grandchildren. It was quite an adventure!

Then, in 2014 Tami joined our adventure as wife and Mom.

Now, I hope you will join me on this adventure as we navigate through this “new normal” as parents raising children–the second time around!

Along the way, maybe my stories will make you laugh (or sometimes cry) and maybe you can even offer some advice.

And maybe every now and then, you can whisper a prayer for us!

1 thought on “About Our Family

  1. What a beautiful family! I am glad you are happy and it’s amazing how much the kids have grown. Prayerfully, everything has come together for you. I will continue to look forward to Poppy’s Adventures. Blessings, Judy Harper – Aurora, CO


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