Kids Say the Darndest Things – Vol. 3

It’s time for another edition of  “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” where I share some recent humorous remarks and observations the toddlers have made.

We like to hear from you! So, don’t forget to tell us some of the interesting or humorous comments your kids have made.

From the category, They Grow Up So Fast:

One day we went into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I went over to the sitting area to wait and told Kenzie to come with me. She quickly headed down one of the aisles saying: “I’ve got to shop!”

As we were driving along in the car one day Kenzie inquired: “Poppy, do I got make-up?”
Me: “No, and you won’t until you’re twenty-one!”

From the category, Brutal Toddler Honesty:

The toddlers love gum. They’ll do anything for gum. Kenzie wanted some gum one day, so as I handed her a piece of gum she said, “Poppy, I love you so much!”
Me: “You’re just saying that because I’m giving you gum. Will you love me if I don’t give you gum?”
Kenzie: “Nope!”

From the category, Bizarre Toddler Observations of How the World Works:

Sorry for the bathroom humor, but this is one toddler observation I had to include:
Kenzie: “My poop lives in my hiney!”

From the category, Offensive Driving:

One particular morning as I pulled out onto the highway from the stop sign at the busy intersection near our house with relative ease, Kenzie observed, “Poppy, you didn’t have yells today!”

From the category, Toddler Homophones:

They were having “camo” day at daycare and the kids were supposed to dress in camouflage-colored clothing. I dressed Kenzie in her outfit and told her it was “camo” day and pointed to the pattern on her clothing. When I went to pick her up after school, she sadly announced to me as soon as I walked through the door: “Poppy, I didn’t get to ride a camel today!”

From the category, Battle of the Sexes:

One day I asked Kaleb and Kenzie the difference between boys and girls and these were their replies:
Kaleb: “Girls make speaks all the time!”
Kenzie: “Girls are special!”
They get it figured out pretty quick, don’t they?

From the category, Death and Grief:

One night as we were reading a children’s book, the story described how a little rabbit had a family with a daddy and a mommy and many brothers and sisters. Kaleb lingered a bit on the picture of the daddy and mommy rabbit, so I said: “This little rabbit lives with its daddy and mommy, but you get to live with your Poppy”
Kaleb seemed satisfied with my observation and then pointed at the mommy rabbit and said: “This is our Nanna.”
Me: “Yes, but what happened to Nanna?”
Kaleb: “She died.”
Me: “Yes, she did.”
Kaleb: “But we need her, huh?”
Me (eyes moistening and a lump building in my throat): “More than you know, buddy, more than you know…”

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