My Life Is a Blog Post!

The problem with publishing your life on a blog is that it becomes a thin line between reality and virtual reality.

When reality becomes co-mingled with virtual reality, you can become confused on which one is the real reality!

You get involved in the latest drama of your life and then you write about it and publish it on the blog so other people can read about it…

And then you have to stop and ask yourself:  Am I blogging about my life or is my life becoming what I blog about?

Is the life you are reading about on my blog a record of what’s happening in my life or am I living what is happening on the blog?

Which life is my life? The one you read about on this blog or the one I think I’m living that is getting recorded on the blog?

Are they two different realities?

Or are they two versions of the same reality?

What can I say? My life has become a blog post!

Since I started this blog, I’ve suffered from a mid-life crisis and an identity crisis.

Now I seem to be suffering from some sort of reality crisis. Or is it a virtual reality crisis?

See what I mean?

Maybe there should be a name for it. Maybe there already is.



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