The Blessedness of Being Little

“His overthrow heap’d happiness upon him;

For then, and not till then, he felt himself,

And found the blessedness of being little.”

(from Henry VIII by William Shakespeare)

My father was an English teacher and among the courses he taught during his career was English Literature. Unfortunately, the ability to read and understand Shakespeare was not a skill that he passed on to me.

So, if you are a Shakespeare illiterate like me, let me quickly explain the context and meaning of this quote and then I will get on with my story.

This declaration is made in reference to Cardinal Wolsey, the main villain in the play. Wolsey’s intrigues included attempting to keep Anne Boleyn from the king. When his downfall came, the cardinal recognized the futility of his ambitious pursuit for wealth and power and found an inner peace he described as a “fortitude of soul.” The character in the play who spoke these words described the cardinal’s transformation as “the blessedness of being little.”

I’ve been home recovering from an illness for most of a week. My recovery didn’t allow me to take care of the kids, so Conner picked them up at daycare, fixed them dinner, and got them to bed in the evenings. Then she came back in the mornings and fed them breakfast and got them ready and took them back to daycare.

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Let’s Ride!

Poppy’s New Adventure is going on a vacation adventure to the mountains.


We won’t be posting any new adventures for a few days while we’re on vacation.

But we want you to stay tuned to PNA because there will be lots of stories to tell from our vacation adventure when we return!

While we’re cooling off and recharging our batteries, we will be posting some of our favorite re-runs on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy reading them again and that they will still give you a chuckle or a tear…

See ya soon…. Poppy, Kaleb,and Kenzie

Bless Whose Heart?

After many years of being away, my good friends, Chris and Linda, finally moved back to our home town to pastor a church.

The toddlers and I recently visited their church and after the Sunday morning service they had a dinner in the fellowship hall. (I know it was actually lunch, but where I’m from we call lunch “dinner” and “dinner” supper, so get over it!)

I rather reluctantly stayed for the “dinner,” anticipating some problems in keeping the toddlers under control in a crowd of people that don’t know us. But we stayed, and though the toddlers were unruly, the church members were kind and understanding.

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What Not To Wear Or How Not to Wear It!

If Kaleb wears his pants backwards all day at school, does that make me a bad parent?

That’s right, he had his pants on backwards all day at school. I  didn’t even notice until we got home at the end of the day (actually, I didn’t notice until Conner saw it and told me)!

The good news is the pants were sportswear with an elastic waistband.

It wasn’t too obvious, I suppose, if you didn’t happen to notice the tie string hanging down over his hiney and the western pockets on his posterior rather than in the front!

But, what’s totally embarrassing is a few days later when I dropped Kaleb off in his classroom at school, I noticed that Kenzie had her jeans on backwards.

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Kids Say the Darndest Things – Vol. 3

It’s time for another edition of  “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” where I share some recent humorous remarks and observations the toddlers have made.

We like to hear from you! So, don’t forget to tell us some of the interesting or humorous comments your kids have made.

From the category, They Grow Up So Fast:

One day we went into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I went over to the sitting area to wait and told Kenzie to come with me. She quickly headed down one of the aisles saying: “I’ve got to shop!”

As we were driving along in the car one day Kenzie inquired: “Poppy, do I got make-up?”
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