The Blame Game – Redux

Nearly two years ago I published a post describing how the kids each want to blame their bad behavior on their sibling.

At the time I said the kids were going through this blame game phase. I guess I’m finding out that:


Apparently, blaming one’s own misconduct on one’s sibling is not some stage of child development they are passing through. It’s a daily routine; no, it’s a way of life!

“Take some responsibility for your own behavior! Quit blaming each other!” I beseech them.

“I would if she would quit annoying me,” insists Kaleb. “But, she just makes me so angry.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Kenzie declares. “And, it’s just so funny when he gets mad.”

They just continue to aggravate and blame each other.

For everything.

For every…. insignificant… thing!

It’s outrageous, even absurd the blame they heap on one another.

And, I’m to the point that I just can’t take it anymore!

Admittedly, my parental performance has been less than exemplary lately.  They say I’m being gripey, grouchy, irritable, short-tempered, impatient!

But, it’s not my fault….

They did it!!


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