You’re Fired!

I  may have to fire one of my long-time employees.  Excessive absence. Non-performance. Neglect of duty.

Unfortunately, this employee has many years of loyal and dedicated service with me. But, the poor guy just quit doing his job!

It’s not so much that my employee is incompetent. He has a strong background in his field and many years of experience for the position he now holds in my organization.

He is, in fact, well-qualified for the job.

And, until the last couple of years he was always a conscientious and productive employee. He worked hard and put in as much time as was needed to get the job done. Even late nights, early mornings, whatever time was necessary to get things done.

His work products were generally of a good quality, some better than others, of course.

I don’t know what’s happened to him. I don’t know why his work performance and productivity have declined lately.

But, if the truth be told, I think he’s grown lazy. I’ve caught him watching TV, trolling FaceBook, surfing the Internet and even sleeping when he should be working.

Sometimes he just sits at his desk seemingly doing nothing. And for no good reason.

Because he’s got a great life…

He has a beautiful family, a nice home and even a little dog to help watch over it. I would say his life is pretty full.

So, I just can’t explain this change in work ethic. I just don’t understand why he won’t do his job.

It will be heartbreaking to cut him lose at this point in his career. You see, he’s not a young man anymore. It probably will be difficult for him to find other employment.

But, as they say, it’s not personal, it’s business. So, unless I can start getting some productivity out of this guy, I’m going to have to let him go and hire a new writer for Poppy’s New Adventure.

Because the one I’ve got just isn’t getting the job done!

7 thoughts on “You’re Fired!

  1. Oh phwee! After reading this I really have no recourse but to reprimand my valued employee who is suffering from the same symptoms. Truly hope I am not required to fire her! Thank you for the insight. If you find a solution to this debilitating condition, please post solution (other than exercise) as quickly as possible.


    • Just starting to feel the spark again. Hope I start feeling it more often ‘cause it’s hard to live with myself if I’m not writing or at least thinking about what I’m gonna write. I’m sure you know what I mean….


  2. It’s good to see you back, Steve. I love reading your posts in Poppy’s New Adventure! I hope you and your family are doing well. Janell


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