We’re Back!

We’re back….

Whoever said the Internet was free didn’t publish a website or a blog. If all you do on the Internet is post pictures and life events on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you probably don’t think about the cost of the Internet.

But, for the people who publish the websites and blogs that you browse, there’s costs involved in posting their information on the Internet. In fact, some people post advertisements on their websites or blogs to try to recover the costs of publishing on the Internet (and, possibly to make a profit as well).

If you want people to visit your website on the Internet, you have to have an address, a location, a URL. And, that URL has to have a name, a domain, assigned to it. And, you have to obtain that domain from an authorized Internet domain registrar.

Once you have a registered domain, you have to have a place for it to reside. It could be on your own computer (web server) or somebody else’s. And, then you have to have a way to access your website and update it.

All these services–registering, residing, updating–have a cost. That’s right, there’s no free Internet.

And, if you don’t pay the Internet bill, these services will expire and voila, all your work is gone in a nanosecond.

So, that’s what happened to Poppy’s New Adventure. That’s where we’ve been the last few months.

Lost in cyberspace!

You see, the subscriptions for the services to publish and maintain our blog are renewed annually; some of them are actually renewed every two or three years, depending on how long they were acquired for. So, it’s not too difficult to lose track.

I got busy with my real life and didn’t realize my virtual life was expiring!

And then our domain registration expired and we were deleted from the Internet and our files–our blogs and pictures–were expunged.

After some online chats and help desk phone calls, they were able locate and re-instate our domain and get our Internet home back.

And all our files that were wiped out. Fortunately, they found them backed-up somewhere on the Internet.

They said we could have them all back. If we paid to have them restored, of course.

We were so relieved that we could get all our information back, all our many years of blog posts and pictures, that we didn’t really mind that it was an Internet shakedown.

We’re just glad that we were backed up.

And, we’re just glad to be back.





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