Somebody Loves Me

The other day I walked in the bathroom and saw a message written on the mirror using red lipstick .

At first it shocked me. I thought something terrible had happened. Maybe somebody had been kidnapped and left a ransom note on the mirror of my bathroom.

Then I realized that the message was to me. The message on the mirror said that somebody loves me.

The message wasn’t signed but I only know one person that comes around here who has a tube of red lipstick!


She’s always leaving me little love notes around the house. I find them everywhere. In the latest book or magazine I’m reading, in the desk drawer, the dresser drawer, the medicine cabinet.

And just when I think I’ve found all her love notes another one appears stuck to the back of my hairbrush or even written on the bathroom mirror with red lipstick!

And, look what she’s started! Now, it’s love note mania around this house! Everybody is telling everybody else that somebody loves them with post-it notes!

Stuck on the door of my bedroom I found a note from five-year-old Kenzie that said “I LU U KeNzie.”

Sweet, right?

She’s imitating Tami. She’s posting little love notes around like Tami does!

But then I found a series of notes that Kenzie stuck on Kaleb’s bedroom door.

Loosely translated, the notes say, “Stop coming in my room.”

Not quite so sweet!

So, I thought Kaleb needed a love note, too. He needed to know, when he’s least expecting it, that somebody loves him.

Maybe while he’s at school would be a good time. So, I put a note in a book in his backpack that said, “Kaleb, I love you! Be a good boy today. Dad.”

He found it. He discovered it when he opened his reader at school.


I really like this love note game. I like to know that somebody loves me.

It’s been awhile since there’s been somebody special that loves me. And I’m rediscovering that it adds quality to my life. It gives me meaning and makes me feel like I’m necessary!

“I Love You” is something that you can’t say enough. It’s something you can’t say too much.

Tell your kids you love them. Tell them lots and lots of times. To add quality to their lives. To remind them that their lives are meaningful and necessary.

Then write it down on a note and put it in their backpack, pack it in their lunch box, stick it on a page in a book they are reading, post it on their bedroom doors.

So they will always know that somebody loves them!


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