The Grandparent Trap

As I was arguing with Kaleb one morning about why he couldn’t have another doughnut for breakfast, it suddenly occurred to me that I don’t have to argue with him. After all this time I finally figured out that I don’t have to argue.

I’m in charge around here and so what I say is the law of this family and home! Right?

After all, I’m the adult of the house and if I think one doughnut is enough (he also had yogurt, so please don’t think I send him to school with one doughnut for breakfast), then that should be all there is to say about it.

Definitely, that’s the last word on the subject. Finito!

And then my grandparent side kicks in and asks, “Oh what does it hurt for him to have another doughnut? He’s so cute when he begs! And besides, he’s skin and bones…”

That’s the trap I find myself frequently falling into. It’s like I’m in a boxing match with them and I come out swinging as the good parent and then quickly get knocked down and become the good grandparent.

It’s the grandparent trap!

And, don’t think for a minute they don’t know how to lure me into the trap. They’re 5 and 6. They’re cute. And they’re good at it!

So, I’m going to change. After all, I’m not just their granddad, I’m their Dad!


I can be Father. I can do Dad. I can begin to act like a real dad instead of just a grandparent!

Yes, I’m going to start being a better parent even if that means I have to be a bad grandparent! After all, it’s for the good of the children.

Starting tomorrow no more Mr. Nice Guy Grandparent. This family is going to be structured, organized, and disciplined!

Starting tomorrow this place is going to be like kiddie boot camp and I’m going to be the drill sergeant!

So, meanwhile, “Kaleb, did you want that second doughnut to be a powdered or chocolate doughnut?”


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