The Sandbox

It’s Memorial Day and so it was time for the annual changing of the sand in the sandbox.

We went to the home and garden store and purchased twenty 50-pound bags of sand to fill up the sandbox. That’s 1,000 pounds of sand.

A half-ton of sand!

So, I decided I didn’t want a repeat of last year’s injury (see this post) from carrying all those bags of sand to the sandbox.

Since the toddlers are 4 and 5 now, I thought it was time they filled up their own sandbox!

So, I just kicked back and relaxed and sipped on a cold drink and watched them do the work…

I I know it was pretty hard on the toddlers to have to unload those twenty 50-pound bags and dump them in their sandbox, but at least I didn’t injure my arm again!

Besides, they took a pretty good nap after all that work…

JUST KIDDING!  (I really did it, and any injury I may have incurred was worth it if it makes them happy!)

1 thought on “The Sandbox

  1. My Cousin Jeannie sent me a clever comment on this post by email and so I want to share it. She commented: “Keep this in mind, I know you already know what I am about to say is so true. When they get strong enough to do any work, they will probably charge you for doing it!”


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