Jesus In the Attic

Children believe what you tell them. They believe it, literally.

And, sometimes their literal interpretation of what you tell them may even necessitate that you take a closer look at what you are actually saying to them and the example you are setting for them…

So, let me share a sweet conversation I had with Kenzie while we were driving to school and work today. I think you will see what I mean.

Kenzie and Kaleb were sitting in their car seats as we traveled down the highway. Then, from out of nowhere Kenzie asked this question:

Kenzie: “Is Jesus in the attic?”
Me: “No, He’s up in heaven…”
Kenzie: “How did He get there?”
Me: “He died and was raised from the dead and went up into heaven…”
Kenzie: “How can we get there?”
Me: “We don’t have to go there. He comes here and lives in our hearts…”
Kenzie: “Does Jesus live in Mommy and Daddy’s hearts?”
Me: “Yes, if they ask Him to.” (Then silence and pondering for the remainder of the drive.)

She gets it! Even at four she’s got her theology right!

She wants to be close to Jesus. And she wants those she loves most to be close to Jesus as well.

So, take it from this four-year-old, if you’ve got Jesus stored in the attic, maybe it’s time for Him to come down and live in your heart!

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