Growing Up or Growing Old

Why is it that the toddlers are growing up, but I’m growing old?

Us, one year ago….

And it seems like I’m growing older at a faster rate than they are growing up!

And it worries me a little…

All right, I guess I think about it a lot.

Probably more than I should…
Probably more than most parents…
Probably more than younger parents…
Maybe not more than other single-parents.

I think about it, I suppose, because I’m older than most parents with toddlers. And, if something happened to me I’m not sure what would happen to them.

Us, today!!

But, I think about it a lot, I suppose, because I’m both a grandparent and a single-parent. And, I calibrate my life span with their growth and development.

So, I find myself calculating how old I will be at important points in the toddlers’ lives.

How old will I be when they are teenagers? Will they be embarrassed about me?

How old will I be when they graduate from high school? Will I be able to afford to send them to college?

How old will I be when they graduate from  college? Will they be ready to make it on their own?

How old will I be when they get married and start having children of their own? I want to be there! I want to be a great-grandfather!

So, I estimate if I will still be around for these important events in their lives. Sure, I want to be there for these events, but even more importantly, I want to be sure they are ready to make it in life on their own.

As you get older your recognize your immortality a lot more than when you’re younger. I don’t know if it’s because you are nearer the perceived end of your life more than when you are young.

But if you really think about it, none of us really have any guarantee that we are going to live a long life, young or old, parent or grandparent.

So, the best thing to do is not worry about tomorrow.

Love the children with all the love you have, now, today. Teach them all you want them to know, everyday.

And cherish the time together!

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