I know what people are saying behind my back. I know because some people are saying it to my face!

“Those kids need some discipline!”

Agreed. They do. But sometimes they are just so doggone cute, mercy is given when justice should be applied.

I suppose that just because they’re awesome and cute to me doesn’t mean everybody else thinks so…

But, you don’t have to believe me about how incredibly cute they are. Just ask anybody who knows them. Well, don’t ask just anybody who knows them. Ask me first and I’ll select some names of family or friends to ask!

Just remember, it’s all a matter of perspective…

You think they’re incorrigible. I think they’re mischievous!

You think they’re hyperactive. I think they’re vigorous!

You think they’re impudent. I think they’re precocious!

You think they’re obnoxious. I think they’re inquisitive!

You think they’re rowdy, I think they’re spontaneous!

But, no matter what perspective you may have, one thing is for certain, they are full of life and love!

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