Some of Life’s Unanswered Questions

This single-(grand)parent-raising-two-young-children-adventure that I’m on sometimes leaves me feeling like I’m living in some sort of alternate reality, a parallel universe.

And, when life gets too surreal, I feel like I need to make some cosmic inquiries about the meaning of it all.

What is the meaning of life, of my life? How can I know that my life matters? I need some answers.

You see, I’m a seeker. I’m one of those people who needs to see the big picture, who needs to know why.

I guess I want answers to the unanswered questions of life hoping that it will bring some order to my disordered reality!

I guess I need to find meaning, I need to have significance.

I can’t help it, I just want to know why!


In my existential quest for truth, meaning, I sometimes have to stop, take a time-out and try to figure out answers to some of life’s unanswered questions, some of my life’s unanswered questions.

At the risk of sounding esoteric or overly philosophical, I would like to pose some of the perplexing questions that are currently confounding me. Hopefully, some of my wise and erudite readers can enlighten me in regard to these mysteries of life.

So, help me discover answers to some of life’s unanswered questions I am pondering…

Like, why aren’t all Size 4T clothes the same size? If the size is the age, then all clothing marked “4T” should fit a four-year-old. So why are some 4T’s too large and some 4T’s too small for a four-year-old?

And don’t expect me to hold an article of clothing up in the air and look it over and determine if it’s the right size or not. I CAN’T TELL! I DON’T KNOW! That’s why it has a size tag! I’m looking for some absolute truth here, so somebody tell me why.


And, why is the kitchen floor always sticky no matter how much I clean it? I spot clean it. Then, I scrub it. Then, I mop it.  But no matter what I do, a sticky spot still lingers somewhere on the floor waiting to be stepped in and spread to make more sticky spots. Why does this happen? Can somebody explain it?

And, is there any end to the pile of dirty laundry needing to be washed? This is one of life’s biggest conundrums for me. I wash and dry and fold and think I’m finished, all caught up with the laundry.

Then I discover another dry load in the dryer that I haven’t folded. Or another wet load in the washer that I haven’t put in the dryer. Or another dirty load in the hamper that I haven’t yet washed. How can this be? Where does it come from? When does it end? It’s like staring into infinity and all I can see are dirty, wet, and unfolded clothes!

And, why must I explain everything, everyday, all over again? It’s like the whole world started today…or started over today. And the explanation I gave yesterday is still the explanation today.

Why? Why? Why? Quit asking why. Can’t you see I’ve got my own unanswered questions I’m trying to find some answers for? Better yet, you tell me!

And, why doesn’t anybody mind me when I say stop, quit, or no? Is anybody listening to me? Am I difficult to understand? Or maybe it’s just that no one takes me seriously. How can this be?

And, why can’t males get their pee inside the commode? I mean, it’s not like it requires a lot of precision. It’s a pretty big hole and you can stand close. So why are there drips and drops of urine all around the rim  of the commode and all over the floor around the commode? Maybe I’m not even supposed to be asking this question, but I need to know why.
And, why is there a bicycle helmet in the shower of my bathroom? When I stumbled sleepily into the shower early this morning and turned on the water, I tripped over a bicycle helmet laying on the shower floor and slowly filling with water. What does this mean? What is it’s significance?

And finally, why can’t I ever find my toothbrush and where has it been since the last time I used it? I have a certain place I keep it and it’s never there when I’m ready to use it. But maybe that’s one of life’s unanswered questions for which I’m better off not knowing the answer!

I’m sure you can tell from my questions that I’m a deep thinker. So, perhaps you can help enlighten me, dear reader, as I struggle to find answers to some of life’s, my life’s, unanswered questions.

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