Back to School – Part 3

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I hadn’t planned to do a third post on Kaleb starting school. But at the risk of over-indulging my emotions on the subject, there are some other developments related to Kaleb starting big kid’s school.

Maybe you can give me some feedback.

Since Kaleb started school he has started calling me “Dad.” When he first started he would say, “Are you my dad?” but he knew the answer to the question.

I think it was just his way of asking if it was is it okay to call me “Dad.”

But Kaleb and Kenzie know they have a biological mom and dad; they know who they are; and I’ve never tried to tell them otherwise.

But I knew this day might come although I thought it would be with Sissy. Of course, she is going to do what Kaleb does.

I suppose they see the other kids mom’s and dad’s dropping them off and picking them up at school and they want to align their life experiences somehow with what they see with other kids.

And it greatly pleases Kaleb for me to call him “Son.”

So what do you think? Is it okay for him to call me Dad? (I guess in a biblical sense that’s accurate since the Bible often skips generations in explaining one’s descendants and heritage!) What do you think?

The other day when I went to pick them up at daycare (after school Kaleb takes the school bus to the same daycare where Kenzie is), one of Kaleb’s little classmates told me that Kaleb cried for me on the bus.

The little guy was insistent on telling me about it, so I asked Kaleb what happened. Kaleb admitted he cried on the bus because he missed me (or his teacher). Then he got sad again and wanted me to pick him up and carry him.

Sometimes a boy just needs to be carried!

He’s getting almost too big to carry, but not quite. So I thought he deserved a little pampering and carried him out to the car!

But crying on the bus seems to be the only “major” separation anxiety he has expressed. Maybe he survived the trauma of separation from Kenzie and me with only minor hurt feelings.

So now  the “back to school” routine is that we take Kaleb to school first and then I take Kenzie. Since I have to walk Kaleb into his classroom at school, I have to get Kenzie out of the car and take her in as well.

Kenzie wants to be in school with Kaleb so bad that she even lies about her age!  I’ve told her she will get to go to big kid’s school when she is four. So just about every day as we leave the school and walk back towards the car she tries to tell me how she is actually four years old!

When we take Kaleb into class, if his teacher has a video on, she goes over and sits down on the rug with the other kids in Kaleb’s class and tries to blend in!

Or if the kids are doing their opening exercises in the classroom she wants to participate. So sometimes I let her join them in their dance and exercise routine for a few minutes (I hope the teacher doesn’t mind). It makes Kenzie feel like one of the big kids for a few minutes!

But then I have to drag her out and that’s usually after I have chased her around the classroom for a couple of laps! (And she’s getting pretty fast!)

Kaleb’s classroom is right by the girls’ restroom and so Kenzie always wants to use the facilities before we leave. I think she likes the fact that there is a big restroom with fixtures just her size and that I can’t go in there with her!

So I stand outside and after a couple of minutes call in for her to come on. Usually she takes care of her business and comes out, but sometimes one of the female teachers or school staff members or parent has to go in and retrieve her for me!

So I think with a few minor adjustments we are going to get our new “back to school” routine established and move forward to the next milestone in our new adventure.

Thanks for following and the encouraging and supportive comments I receive from you on this blog and on my Facebook page.

In my next post I’m going to publish some pictures of the toddlers racing their four-wheelers. It’s really cute. You won’t want to miss it.

So stay tuned! Follow us by email and then you won’t miss any of our adventures!

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