Let’s Ride!

Poppy’s New Adventure is going on a vacation adventure to the mountains.


We won’t be posting any new adventures for a few days while we’re on vacation.

But we want you to stay tuned to PNA because there will be lots of stories to tell from our vacation adventure when we return!

While we’re cooling off and recharging our batteries, we will be posting some of our favorite re-runs on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy reading them again and that they will still give you a chuckle or a tear…

See ya soon…. Poppy, Kaleb,and Kenzie

The Road Trip

If Poppy puts all that stuff in the car, where will we sit?

We recently took a long road trip. It was the trip we tried to take at Christmas but we got stuck in the airport terminal due to bad weather (see this post and this post).

Nevertheless, whether by airplane or by car, making a long trip with the toddlers is brutal. Not just the traveling itself, but the preparations to travel.

To navigate long distances with the toddlers requires considerable advance planning and packing. The packing actually begins several days before we depart.

And, it’s not as simple as packing a suitcase for each of the toddlers and myself.

There are certain other essentials that have to be included for the trip: snacks, Goggy, Nite/Nite, Barney stuffed toy, doggie stuffed toy, video games, DVDs, electronic games, chargers for electronic games, shoes (a different pair for each outfit), kid’s medicines, lotions, ointments, toothbrushes, tissues, kids shampoo and soap.

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The Christmas Vacation That Wasn’t – Part 2

<< PART 1 – The Christmas Vacation That Wasn’t

In the first part of this story about our Christmas vacation fiasco, I told you about our arrival at the airport in the midst of a winter storm and our flight cancellations. So, I had booked a room at a hotel on the airport complex and we were about to make our way to the hotel.

The hotel was near another terminal and it was necessary to travel over to that terminal and then exit it. I was told that we could just walk across the parking lot to get to the hotel.

There are six terminals at this airport and they are connected by a rail system. To access the train, you go up to the highest level in the terminal at certain entrance points in the terminal.

I mentioned that Kaleb was getting sick and starting to run a fever. So he was sluggish and not really up to a long walk through the airport. (We actually needed to go all the way around the airport to get to the terminal near the hotel.)

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The Christmas Vacation That Wasn’t – Part 1

For Christmas I decided to take the toddlers on a trip to visit aunts and uncles and cousins in another state. Since the trip was a distance of about 500 miles, more or less, I debated on the relative merits of driving or flying.

You may recall that I asked your opinion when we were making our travel plans and several of you advised us to fly (I’m not holding it against you) with one mention of taking the train (I wish I had followed your advice).

Our travel plans were to leave on Christmas Day and return the day after New Year’s Day. But a major winter storm hit on Christmas Day and, as we were about to find out when we reached the airport, flights were cancelled all over the United States, including ours!

It seemed like it was one disaster after another as we attempted to take the toddlers on their first trip on an airplane.

So our holiday travel plans ended up being the Christmas vacation that wasn’t!

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Travelin’ Blues

Our suitcases are packed and we’re ready to go!

I’ve got the travelin’ blues. I need to make a long trip with the toddlers during the Christmas holidays and I’m trying to decide how to travel–by air or by automobile.

It’s like I’m trying to make the best bad choice.

Both choices have great potential for calamity and catastrophe!

Do I put them in the car and travel for 12 hours or do I attempt to board a plane with the toddlers in tow (don’t they make leashes for children)?

Option 1 is to travel 500 miles in the car with them for however long that may take us.

The advantage of the car trip is that I am in control if disaster strikes. And it doesn’t affect anybody else.

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