So, How’s That Working Out for You?


On this blog I talk a lot about my bad parenting strategies and experiences, those things I’ve tried with the toddlers that seemed like a good idea at the time but didn’t work out like expected.

The results of my bad parenting techniques become embarrassingly obvious when we’re around parents that are the age parents should be when they have young children like I do and you compare my kids behavior to theirs. And it becomes even more embarrassing when it’s your own family!

My grown kids have always maintained that grandparents are not good parents. Whether or not that’s true (read this blog and find out), I maintain that I’m one of the best grandparents around. As a grandparent my job is to tell my grandchildren “Yes” and it’s their parents’ job to tell them “No.” And, I’m extremely good at my job!

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The Poop Perplexity

When I started this blog I promised that I would not resort to bathroom or potty humor. But bathroom training is certainly an important part of parenting young children and some stories just need to be told!

Bathroom training is particularly challenging for a single parent with multiple children and/or children of the opposite sex for several reasons:

  1. You don’t have a personal understanding of how the plumbing works in the opposite sex children.
  2. You don’t exactly know the proper procedure for completing the job in opposite sex children.
  3. You have to take them into public restrooms for the opposite sex. While it’s not so bad to take a young boy into the women’s restroom, I find it objectionable to take a young girl into the men’s restroom. (No disrespect intended to my fellow males, but I just don’t want my little girl watching to see what you’ve got while you’re standing at the urinal and I’m sure you don’t want her watching you!)
  4. When you have more than one child and only one needs to go, then you have to take them both into the restroom.

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Huffing and Puffing Is What I’m Good At!


I love to read non-fiction books, particularly history and biography. And, I like to go to the movies. And I like to watch news, sports, and movies on television. But much of my current literary interests can be found in children’s books, videos, and television programs.

Trying to keep up with the toddlers, I can’t even tell you what’s going on in world events. I don’t know what the latest blockbuster movies or bestselling books are. And I don’t even know if my favorite sports teams are winning or losing.

I’m not saying this to complain. I’m saying this to explain that if there’s any personal development taking place in my life, it’s going to come from children’s books, animated videos, or kid’s television programs.

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The Road Trip

If Poppy puts all that stuff in the car, where will we sit?

We recently took a long road trip. It was the trip we tried to take at Christmas but we got stuck in the airport terminal due to bad weather (see this post and this post).

Nevertheless, whether by airplane or by car, making a long trip with the toddlers is brutal. Not just the traveling itself, but the preparations to travel.

To navigate long distances with the toddlers requires considerable advance planning and packing. The packing actually begins several days before we depart.

And, it’s not as simple as packing a suitcase for each of the toddlers and myself.

There are certain other essentials that have to be included for the trip: snacks, Goggy, Nite/Nite, Barney stuffed toy, doggie stuffed toy, video games, DVDs, electronic games, chargers for electronic games, shoes (a different pair for each outfit), kid’s medicines, lotions, ointments, toothbrushes, tissues, kids shampoo and soap.

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Identity Crisis

“Are you a senior citizen?” the sales clerk at the department store kindly asked me as I was paying for the first additions to the new spring wardrobes for the toddlers.

I hesitated.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, or at least, not lately.

Then I looked around at the other people standing in line to see if they heard the clerk’s question. I guess I wanted to see if there was a non-verbal consensus on what the answer should be.

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31 Things I Forgot To Do Before Leaving the House in the Morning

I like to make preparations for the toddlers for the following day on the evening before.

Their clothes and their backpacks are prepared, packed and set out the night before.

Then, when we get up in the morning, we can eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave the house in an organized and timely manner so the toddlers can get to school and I can get to work on time.

Since everything is organized and prepared the night before, we should just go through our morning routine and leave for school and work without a hitch…

But no matter how will prepared I am, there must be thirty or more things I forgot to do or need to do as we rush out of the house and get in the car to leave for school and work.

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Daylight Savings Time? NOT!

Whoever thought up daylight savings time obviously didn’t have small children.

Because if he did, he would know not to trifle with children’s bedtime routine.

Just when it seems you’ve got the children going to bed at a regular time and you’re even starting to get a full night’s sleep, then they say daylight savings time is starting…or stopping…again!

And it wrecks the whole bedtime routine!

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Girl Watching

I like to watch young women…

No! It’s not what you think!

I like to watch young moms because I like to study the way they handle their children; I like to observe the way they are with their children.

I am often in the company of young moms: at daycare, at school, at school events, at the park, at McDonald’s, at the grocery store, at the children’s store, at karate gymnastics, and dance lessons, and at church.

Just about anything I am doing with the toddlers or for the toddlers is likely something that young moms are doing with or for their children!

I am afforded many opportunities each day to observe how young moms nurture their children.

So, I watch and try to learn.

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When Left To Their Own Devices – The Sequel

A few weeks ago I told you about an episode around our house in which I allowed the toddlers to play independently for a little while without continuously checking on them (see this post).

It led to a disastrous mess with Mentholatum spread all over the floor and walls of their bedrooms.

Well, another incident has occurred resulting from independent play. And, again it involves, you guessed it, Mentholatum!

As I said in the previous post, when left to their own devices, even a brief exercise in independence by the toddlers will often result in a household disaster.

So, I have to ask, what’s the deal with that Mentholatum?

It’s like the catnip of toddlers!

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