Identity Crisis

“Are you a senior citizen?” the sales clerk at the department store kindly asked me as I was paying for the first additions to the new spring wardrobes for the toddlers.

I hesitated.

I hadn’t really thought about it before, or at least, not lately.

Then I looked around at the other people standing in line to see if they heard the clerk’s question. I guess I wanted to see if there was a non-verbal consensus on what the answer should be.

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My Life Is A Mid-Life Crisis!

Image from Mid-Life by Joe Ollmann

Sometimes I feel more like a twenty-something parent with toddlers than like a fifty-something grandparent!

That’s because the twenty-somethings are the ones I see all the time:

Delivering and picking kids up at school and daycare…

School parties, field trips, and other activities for the children…

Shopping in the children’s department of the clothing stores and at the supermarkets.

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