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Trash Talkin’

The other day Kenzie came home from day camp telling me that Kaleb said a cuss word at camp. When I asked Kaleb about it, he claimed that he was actually saying another word that resembled the cuss word. (I’ll spare you the details of his far-fetched explanation though it was so ludicrous that I burst into laughter.)

Obviously, my incredulous laughter spoiled any opportunity for turning this into a teachable moment. Instead, I settled for inquiring as to where where he had heard such language.

He claimed that he heard it on a video he saw on TV.

Although we monitor  closely what electronic games the kids play and what they watch on TV, I’m sure there’s things that get past our monitoring. But its more like an act of desperation to try to filter their media because it seems as though there is more bad stuff being broadcast or published than there is good stuff (or at least not so bad stuff).

We live in a media-infused world. And, the speech on media, particularly social media, movies, popular music and TV has grown exceedingly vulgar and coarse in recent years.

I mean it’s shocking!

And, although I have a few choice words to say myself about all the trash talkin’ that kids (and adults) are exposed to through the media, my rant will be sans profanity.

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In Your Dreams!

Are we responsible in our current dream for our actions in a previous dream?

I just want to know because I almost got fired in my dream one night because of a mistake I made in a previous dream. Fortunately, I woke up before I had to face the wrath of my boss.

It’s not that my behavior in my previous dream was so egregious. It was more a matter of forgetfulness bordering on irresponsibility. But I was just trying to help someone.

I just didn’t follow through…but for a very good reason.

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I have mentioned in previous posts that when I married Tami I also adopted her little Pekingese dog, Chloe.

Chloe and I took awhile to get used to each other. I’m still adjusting, she’s still just being Chloe. I think the kids were particularly hard for Chloe to handle.

Chloe isn’t like other dogs. She doesn’t lick your hand or eat off the ground. She doesn’t pant and slobber.

She’s not exactly a kids’ dog. She’s set in her ways and she’s particular, very particular. And, she has the personality of a cat.

But, what you really have to understand about Chloe is that she has a single purpose in life. She is the protector of her domain. If you attempt to trespass on her domain, then she’s going to bark incessantly and expect those whom she’s protecting to stand back while she goes on the attack.

She will attack and give no deference to the the size or scope  of the perceived threat, whether beasts or beings, friends or foes. She has absolutely no fear. Nor does she stop to consider the risks.

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Burial Plots

On our way home from church one day the following discussion ensued:

Kaleb: Who’s buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?

Me: A soldier  whose identity they don’t know. He represents all the  American soldiers killed in wars whose remains weren’t identified.

Kenzie: Actually, there’s four soldiers buried there.

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Stuck in Groundhog Day

You probably wake up each morning, get out of bed and proceed with the day as a continuation of your life from all the previous days of your life.

You begin today where you left off yesterday. What happened yesterday and the day before and the month before and the year before continues into today.

And, the rules you lived by yesterday and the day before and the month before and the year before were still in effect when you got up out of bed today.

But, what if you woke up in the morning, got out of bed and proceeded with your day as if it was the first day of your life!

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Goodbye Santa – The Sequel

I recently posted that I was feeling a little sentimental because Kenzie learned from her  friends at school that Santa Claus isn’t real (read Goodbye Santa).

Although I advised her not to tell her big brother, of course she couldn’t resist.  She later said that she told Kaleb about Santa because “she had to get it off her chest!”

Not long after Kaleb had received the news about Santa Claus from Kenzie, he had this conversation with Tami:

Kaleb: “Mom, I think I saw an elf in my room.”

Tami: (bends down and looks him straight in the eyes) “What? After what Kenzie told you?”

Kaleb: “Oh no! You mean there’s no elves either?”

When I Grow Up

Recently, I had the following conversation with the kids:

Kaleb: “Dad, when I grow up I’m going to come and see you once a week.”

Me: “That’s nice, son. Twice a week would be even better!”

Kaleb: “OK, twice a week. I’m going to come and see you twice a week!”

Me: “I’m glad because I will want to see you as often as possible. How about you, Kenzie?”

Kenzie: “I’m going to live in Utah!”

Me: “Utah!” That’s a long way from here! How are you going to be able to see me every week living in Utah? Why would you go live in Utah?”

Kenzie: “Because I’m going to be a YouTube gamer and that’s where they live!”

Me: “A YouTube gamer! As a career? I didn’t even know that was a job! Sounds more like playing than working.  Whatever happened to wanting to be a fireman or teacher or doctor when you grow up?”

Me: (muttering to myself more than talking to them): “I don’t know how you can make a living on YouTube. I suppose you get a lot of followers and then sell advertising and overpriced t-shirts and hoodies  with ‘GamerKid’ or ‘SuperDude’ or whatever virtual identity you confer upon yourself.”

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Goodbye Santa

Recently, Tami asked Kenzie to start thinking about what she wants Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas. Kenzie thought about it for awhile and then told Tami: “I know you buy the presents.”

That’s right.  Kenzie has learned the truth about Santa Claus. She’s reached that milestone in her life where she found out that there is no Santa Claus!

I suspect it won’t be long until she stops believing in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as well.

What bothers me about her discovery is that she learned about Santa from her little friends at school. I didn’t even get to have “the talk” with her.

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The Dad Pal

Lately I’ve been a little concerned that that the kids aren’t taking me seriously as their parent.

They seem to perceive me as one of their friends, a big playmate. It’s like I’m their Dad Pal.

If I issue a paternal command, instead of responding with   “Yes Father” or “OK Dad”, they reply with a high-five or a fist bump followed by a “Let’s go play!”

I feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of fathers, “I don’t get no respect!”

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The Blame Game – Redux

Nearly two years ago I published a post describing how the kids each want to blame their bad behavior on their sibling.

At the time I said the kids were going through this blame game phase. I guess I’m finding out that:


Apparently, blaming one’s own misconduct on one’s sibling is not some stage of child development they are passing through. It’s a daily routine; no, it’s a way of life!

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