The Old Men’s Club

As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that when I see gatherings of other old men I feel a certain sense of solidarity with them.

And, now I’m beginning to understand why. There’s an Old Men’s Club….

And I’m eligible for membership!

I’m not talking about some underground, subversive group contriving a conspiracy to take over the world. You know who they are and are familiar with their mission.

The Club is organized to solve the problems of the world around the coffee table. While the meeting agenda usually includes discussions of sports and politics, how things were better “back in the day” is always up for discussion. However, no action is ever taken by the Club on any agenda item.

Generally, the Club meets openly at morning meetings. You see and hear them in local restaurants eating breakfast or perhaps at a fast-food restaurant drinking coffee. I’ve heard that they hold committee meetings on the golf course or out at the lake.

I’m not a full-fledged member of the Club because attendance at their meetings is mandatory and I still work because I have kids to raise.

Yet, I’m beginning to feel myself drawn into their fraternity and longing to participate.

And, I sometimes notice them evaluating me for membership, as well.

If I walk by one their gatherings at the local coffee shop, their conversation suddenly pauses while they scrutinize me and wonder if I’m about to join them.

Or, I’m stopped at a red light in my car and see another old man pull up beside me in his pick-up. And, when our eyes meet, I know and I know that he knows that we’re “bro’s”

I hope I can one day soon submit my application for membership to the Club. I feel like I am well-qualified for membership. After raising two kids the second time around I think by now I certainly have the expertise needed to help the Club solve the problems of the world around the coffee table.

And, maybe I will get appointed to a Club committee–golf or fishing–either one is okay…or both!

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