When I Grow Up

Recently, I had the following conversation with the kids:

Kaleb: “Dad, when I grow up I’m going to come and see you once a week.”

Me: “That’s nice, son. Twice a week would be even better!”

Kaleb: “OK, twice a week. I’m going to come and see you twice a week!”

Me: “I’m glad because I will want to see you as often as possible. How about you, Kenzie?”

Kenzie: “I’m going to live in Utah!”

Me: “Utah!” That’s a long way from here! How are you going to be able to see me every week living in Utah? Why would you go live in Utah?”

Kenzie: “Because I’m going to be a YouTube gamer and that’s where they live!”

Me: “A YouTube gamer! As a career? I didn’t even know that was a job! Sounds more like playing than working.  Whatever happened to wanting to be a fireman or teacher or doctor when you grow up?”

Me: (muttering to myself more than talking to them): “I don’t know how you can make a living on YouTube. I suppose you get a lot of followers and then sell advertising and overpriced t-shirts and hoodies  with ‘GamerKid’ or ‘SuperDude’ or whatever virtual identity you confer upon yourself.”

Later, I got on the computer and did a little googling and learned a few facts about YouTube employment opportunities that you might find surprising–and possibly even unsettling.

Forbes published a top-ten list of YouTube earners for 2017 and Daniel Middleton, otherwise known as DanTDM or TheDiamondMinecraft and one of my kids favorite YouTube stars, was at the top of the list with estimated earnings of $16.5 million. DanTDM  is a 26-year-old YouTuber focused on the game Minecraft, one of my kids favorite video games to play.  Middleton posts daily reviews and gameplay videos. And, he had a world tour that included four sold-out nights at the Sydney Opera House!

While DanTDM is a gamer, other YouTube millionaire stars post videos of  sporting events, pranks, comedy and even reviews of new toys and games for their millions of adoring followers.

Apparently, these millenials are more enterprising than us baby-boomers actually realized!

So, here’s my takeaways from this conversation:

    • At least the kids are not planning on living at home with me all their adult lives!
    • All the hours they spend watching YouTube gaming videos and playing video games . . . instead of being a complete waste of time, I guess I can consider it to be career development!

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