She Stole My Friend

stevesurprisetwohandsonfaceSome time after Diane died a lady at church stopped me in the parking lot and informed me that she was praying for a wife for me. Although I didn’t know her very well, each time I would see her she would always say the same thing, “I’m praying for a wife for you.”

I figured that she just felt sorry for me since I was now a single (grand)parent raising two young children. Or, more likely, she felt sorry for the two young children I was raising as a single (grand)parent.

She and her husband were in the same Sunday School department at church as I was. So, as I got to know her better I found out that she had lost a spouse earlier in her life and later married again and she was also raising grandchildren.

And we became good friends.

She became my confidante with whom I shared my single parenting frustrations and concerns. She had this dry sense of humor and a wit that made me laugh whenever I was overly concerned about trivial matters in the lives of the kids as they are growing up.

A few years went by and I met Tami. We got engaged. We got married. And, I suppose, my friend’s prayers were answered!

Since Tami and I went away to get married, my friend wanted to have a reception for us after we got back. My friend along with another of our friends hosted a reception for us and Tami and my friend became acquainted.

Over time Tami and my friend got to know one another better and soon they became good friends.

Now, they meet for lunch each week…and they don’t invite me!

Neither my loving wife nor my devoted friend invite me to lunch with them.

It’s like their circle of friends no longer includes me.

And, I’m sure they must be talking about me at these weekly luncheons, otherwise, why wouldn’t I be invited? (Maybe they don’t talk about me–that’s even worse!)

Just think about it. My good friend is now, instead, my wife’s good friend.

Now that my friend and my wife have become friends, it seems my friend likes my wife as a friend more than she likes me.

My wife stole my friend!

And, I have to wonder, is this a betrayal on the part of my friend or my wife? Or are both duplicitous?

Maybe my friend thought she was being a good friend by befriending my wife.

Maybe my wife thought she was being a good wife by being friends with my friend.

After all, she takes care of the household affairs; she takes care of the kids.

Maybe she thinks she’s supposed to take care of my friends as well.

But, did she have to steal my friend?

P.S. – I’m really glad my wife and my friend are good friends. They both couldn’t have a better friend!

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