The Night The Tooth Fairy Almost Didn’t Come

In a previous post, Don’t Mess with the Tooth Fairy, I revealed a side to the Tooth Fairy for which you might not have been aware–austere, unyielding, punitive. Well, there’s another side to the Tooth Fairy you may not about either–unaware, oblivious, negligent!

In fact, the way the Tooth Fairy behaves around our house, it almost seems like that illusive little nymph suffers from multiple personality disorder!

The kids have reached the age when their baby teeth are coming out. And, they are quite preoccupied with the process. They are always pulling and wiggling one of their teeth and then asking to see if it’s about to come out.

The trouble is, their loose teeth never seem to be loose enough to remove at a convenient time. And, they end up pulling them at school or at night after they’ve gone to bed as I explained in the previous Tooth Fairy post.

One night after the kids had gone to bed, Tami heard one of them moving around upstairs. She went up to their bedrooms and found Kenzie standing on the bathroom cabinet looking in the mirror. Tami made Kenzie get back in bed and told her not to get out of bed again under any circumstances.

A little later I went upstairs to check on the kids and make sure they were asleep. I heard some rustling in the dark as I walked into Kenzie’s room. So, I knew she wasn’t asleep when I walked over to her bed even though she was pretending to be.

I asked her why she wasn’t asleep and she said, “I pulled two teeth!”

I turned on the light in her room and  told her to open her mouth and sure enough, the two front teeth were missing!

Then I asked her, “What happened to the teeth?”

She lifted one of her pillows up and there lay the missing front teeth ready for the Tooth Fairy to retrieve and leave a parting gift…

I was dumbfounded. My little girl pulled her two front teeth and didn’t even tell me! This significant event in her life and she doesn’t even share it with me!!

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I pleaded. “Why, why?”

But, her parents didn’t need to know. It was the Toothy Fairy that really mattered.

She believed in the omniscience of the Tooth Fairy and she had placed them in the proper place for the Tooth Fairy to discover.

Besides, she was supposed to stay in bed and be quiet…

At that moment I happen to know the Tooth Fairy felt guilty and extremely disappointed, and perhaps even negligent, not to have shared in that great event of her life.

And, had it not been for the fact that I had fortuitously gone back to check on her to make sure she was asleep after she had been caught standing on the bathroom cabinet (now we know why), that could have been the night the Tooth Fairy almost didn’t come!

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