Help Wanted: Babysitter Needed While on Honeymoon

Okay, the wedding is just a few weeks away. We’ve got the ceremony planned, airline tickets purchased, hotel reservations made.

But, there’s just one small oversight, one unintended consequence with all this planning: I need a babysitter for the honeymoon!

That’s right, I need a babysitter for the kids while I go on my honeymoon!

While this may sound strange, it’s not so unique, I suppose, for single parents that re-marry.

So, I’ve started making a list of prospective job applicants. And, I’m making this list deep and wide. I’m going down and then across until I come up with an affirmative response…I mean, the right person for the job!

The job will be a blast! You will have the K’s all to yourself for six fun-filled days..24-7! Sure, maybe they’re a little energetic at times. And, sure maybe they’re not exactly the quiet and reserved type.

But I wouldn’t leave them with you if I didn’t think you couldn’t keep them under control…I mean, if I didn’t think you couldn’t take care of them.

I have complete confidence in you. You won’t even need to call to ask me any questions. In fact, don’t bother to call because I’ll be out of the country. I’ll be on an island somewhere. I’m sorry, I just won’t be able to take your call.

But, I’ll be thinking about you and the kids. I’ll even be praying for you guys. But mostly, I’ll be laying on the beach and thinking about honeymoon stuff!

Come on. You can do it!  It’s just six days. And they’re so cute. Even when they’re bad they’re cute. I promise!

Best of all, this babysitting gig will be a great opportunity for you to see how Poppy’s New Adventure works. You will get an inside look at how it all happens.

And, you may even gain a whole new perspective on parenting. You will probably have some stories to tell. You might even want to start your own blog!

So, you better be checking your Caller ID when your phone rings. It may be Poppy’s New Adventure calling to notify you that you got the babysitting job!


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