Balancing Act

Recently, I posted this anecdote on my personal Facebook page and thought it was worth sharing with our blog readers as well.

The principal at the public school that Kaleb and Kenzie attend contacted me one day to let me know that Kaleb was scheduled to receive a special award at their weekly assembly on the following Monday.

So, I showed up for the Monday morning assembly, proud dad/grandad, with camera in hand. When the time came for Kaleb’s recognition, they called him forward and explained he was receiving an award for his service at school. He had been observed helping keep the bathrooms picked up and cleaned up.

Later that same day I received a phone call from Kenzie’s teacher telling me that I probably need to come and pick her up. See, she had got her coat and clothes all wet from playing around in the bathroom at school, stopping up the sink, and running water over on the floor.

Do you see the irony here? One gets an award for cleaning up the bathroom at school while the other one gets in trouble for messing up the bathroom at school!

One of my friends commented on my Facebook page that it indicates there is great balance in our family. So, I have to wonder in the great scheme of things, does the good behavior of one atone for the bad behavior of the other? Or does the bad behavior of one annul the good behavior of the other?

Is there some kind of cosmic balancing act taking place here? I’ve got may hands full with these two at school, so why is it my job to keep karma in sync?


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