Best Facebook Posts of 2014

Some of you may read the PNA blog and not ever see the PNA Facebook page. If you only see the PNA blog, then you may not know that there are many PNA Facebook posts (status updates) and pics that aren’t posted on the blog.

So I’ve picked the best (most viewed) Facebook posts of 2014 to share with you. It’s sort of like the PNA 2014 year in review.

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And now, enjoy the cuteness from 2014…

Snow Day!

Ready for Valentine’s Day, with their Con…

Sure, they’re a bit of a fixer upper but this fixer upper can fix these fixer upper’s with true love!!

Happy Easter! Jesus Lives!

Today as I was taking Kenzie for a ride on the four-wheeler, navigating up and down hills, jumping over bumps in the trail, wind in our face, dirt in our eyes, she hollers out to me, “Watch out for butterflies!” Girls…

We’re standing in the checkout line at Walmart today and Kaleb proclaims for all to hear, “We’re never gonna get out of this place!” The person in line in front of us turned around and said, “Ain’t that the truth!” and the cashier just looked embarrassed and smiled at us… But what I’d really like to know is, where does he get this stuff from??

Next week’s schedule:
Monday – 2 Tball practices
Tuesday – 2 Tball games
Wednesday – Tball practice
Thursday – Tball practice and game
Friday – 2 Tball games and church swimming party
See ya at the ball park…

Come to find out the busy Tooth Fairy actually left the money under Kaleb’s OTHER pillow and he had only checked under the pillow where the tooth was! Thought I was being so clever, but then Kaleb asked why the Tooth Fairy didn’t take his tooth…duh!! Is this stuff written down somewhere so I know how it works??

Am I a bad parent if I leave the same clothes on the kids all weekend… and night??

Having a little workout with the kids tonight…don’t want them to get lazy riding around in the golf cart all the time. So they run, I ride!!

It’s not that she’s a tattletale, she considers it her duty to tell everyone everything I say or do..

Daydreamin’ about being a fireman, policeman or EMT when he grows up …or whatever profession that requires wearing a whistle!!

Just fixed the best smoothie concoction I’ve ever made. So delicious I found a big cup and poured myself an extra large serving. While I’m drinking it, Kaleb asks, “Dad, why are you drinking out of the bathtub cup? That’s the cup we play with in the bathtub!”
“What is the bathtub cup doing on the kitchen cabinet?” I wondered as I gulped down the rest of my smoothie. Yeah, it really was that good!

I think these two are up to something..

Overheard in a conversation between these two:
He asked, “Do you like police or firemen better?”
She answered, “Girls have long hair and boys have short hair!”
Living in their own little boy and girl worlds….

They grow up so fast…

Kaleb learned to ride a bike. He had a bike wreck in front of the house. The ten-year-old neighbor girl, Rachel, came to his rescue and picked him up, brushed him off and wiped away his tears.
Rachel: You’re a tough guy, Kaleb.
Kaleb (sobbing): Well, not really that tough…

Happy Thanksgiving…K&K

Kenzie: Daddy, I’m going to marry Bo, is that cool?
Me: Is Bo in your class at school?
Kenzie: Yes…
Me: Well, I guess that’s cool as long as you’re 25 and he’s got a job!

Christmas parties at school today….Ho, Ho, Ho!

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