The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

So, I told you in a previous post that I’ve fallen in love, we’ve fallen in love, that is. Me and the kids.

I’m sure Tami is the right one, the right one for me, the right one for me and the kids.

And I think she feels the same way…

Anyway, since I knew that she’s the right one, I asked her to marry me. And finally, on my birthday we made it official and got engaged! After all, I’m not getting any younger!

We haven’t set a date to get married. It’s complicated. She has a life. I have a life. Getting those lives to integrate into one life together is difficult at this stage of life. Because you have so many more complications than you had when you were younger.

But, what I’m wondering now is when we get married will that be the end of Poppy’s New Adventure?

When we have somebody around here who knows how to raise children, who knows how to manage a home and family, will it still be this strange and unique, this strangely unique, this uniquely strange adventure?

Will you still want to laugh and cry with us?

If we’re not so pathetic anymore, will we still be interesting?

So, is this engagement the beginning of the end of the adventure, the end of this blog? When we get married, will our adventure have reached its destination? Will we then officially become a “normal” home and family?

Or is it only the end of the beginning of our adventure? Has our journey just changed directions? Are we just starting down a new road, a different path?

Could this be the beginning of a newer adventure, an even more extraordinary adventure?

What do you think?

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