My Midlife Crisis

You might be wondering why lately I haven’t been posting our adventures as frequently as before. I can assure you it’s not because we’re running out of “adventures” to tell you about.

Something else is going on and I thought I better inform you so you won’t unfollow, unlike, or unfriend me. I want you to keep following me. I want you to like me. I still want to be your friend!

But, because you have followed, liked, or friended me, I suppose I have an obligation to explain to you the reason for this decline in my posting productivity.

I’m suffering from a mid-life crisis!

Well, it’s not exactly a mid-life crisis. What I really mean is that I’ve met someone. Someone that I’ve fallen in love with. And I call her my mid-life crisis because she’s hot and she’s younger than me!

No, it’s not what you’re thinking! So stop that!

She’s just a little younger than me, seven years to be exact.

Anyway, one time she asked me if I have ever had a mid-life crisis. I looked away and thoughtfully reviewed the last several decades of my life and I couldn’t recall having had any symptoms of a mid-life crisis.

Then, suddenly it occurred to me. Yes, I have had a mid-life crisis. I am having a mid-life crisis. So, I turned back to her and said, “Honey, you are my mid-life crisis!”

While the last few months that we’ve been seeing each other has brought much happiness to our family and several new adventures to tell you about, it’s also made me realize once again that having a real relationship with another person is far more important than how many followers you have on your blog or how many Likes you get on your Facebook page.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still want you to read my blog and Like my Facebook page. And, even share my blog posts with somebody if our adventures make you laugh or occasionally even cry.

But, real relationships with real people are really what life is all about…

So, that’s all I’m going to tell you about it for now. And, I’ll still keep posting our adventures, though maybe not quite as often as before.

And, if it turns out that we get a new team member to join our adventure, I’ll be sure that you, my faithful Facebook friends and blog followers are among the first to know!

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