Me: “Seems like they are making those lids on the grape jelly harder to open. Is there some new kind of machine that tightens those lids down! I can hardly get them off!

You: “You’re just weak, dude! You’re getting old and weak!”

Me: “Well, that would explain a lot of things. I can barely carry the kids up the stairs in my arms any more. And, I can’t even throw them very high in the air at the swimming pool either. I must be losing muscle capacity in my advanced years!”

You: “You’re weak, dude, old and weak! Why don’t you join a health club or something. Get in shape. So you aren’t so weak, dude!

Me: “You’re right! I need to pump up these old muscles. Maybe I could build up my strength so I could carry them both up the stairs at the same time. Or maybe I could get strong enough even to throw them up over my head at the swimming pool!”

So, I joined the health club. Now, I’m working out a couple of times a week during my lunch hour hour.

Then one day I see you working out at the health club…

Me: “What do you think? How’s this body looking? You think I’m getting these old muscles pumped up?

You: “Sure, dude, I guess so.”

Me: “But, there’s still a problem. It seems that even with all this body building that I’m doing, I still can’t carry the kids around like I used to.”

You: “Are you getting senile, too, dude? You’re supposed to be getting older and WISER! Did you ever think that maybe the kids are just getting bigger, dude? Huh? Huh?”

Me: “So, you mean, no matter how much I work out and how strong I get, I’m not always going to be able to carry my children around?”

You: “What’s wrong with you, dude? You’re crazy, you’re just crazy!

Me: “Well, at least I’m crazy and….buff!

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