School’s Out Blues

I was taking the kids to school on Monday and as we drove along I began to explain that this was the last week of school. After this week, they would move to the next grade and have new teachers.

I’m trying to prepare them for the big changes that are coming up next school year. They both attended the same school this year. Next year Kaleb will start first grade at another school while Kenzie remains at their current school.

Expecting the children to have some anxiety and apprehension about the the big changes that will occur when school’s out, I thought we should start talking about it. Instead, they didn’t seem all that upset about it and I’m the one who started to have the breakdown!

Here’s what I mean. This is the conversation I had (or tried to have) with them on the way to school on Monday of the last week of school:

Me: “There’s just one week of school left, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and school will be out. When school starts back after summer you will move to a new class and have a new teacher.”

Kaleb: “And a new school?”

Me: “Yes, Kaleb, next year you and Kenzie will go to…” <A lump starts to form in my throat as I try to speak the words “different schools!” >

Me: <Still paused in the middle of my sentence. If I say the words, “different schools” I’m sure I will bust out crying and then they will think something is wrong.>

Me:  <Starting to sob…can’t figure out how to finish this sentence without bawling out loud…it seems my female hormones have kicked in again.>

Me: <Sobbing, but regaining my composure a little.>“Okay kids, we’ll just talk about this later…”

It’s almost the end of the school year and how come I’m the one who’s sad and crying? Sometimes I think I’m the one that’s going to miss Kaleb and Kenzie’s teachers the most!

I know that the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation is a happy time, especially for the teachers and students. Yet, I seem to be getting the school’s out blues…

But, I know why. It’s because the children will surely never have as good of teachers as they had this year! It just can’t happen ever again…no way…

Goodbye, Mrs. Brady…

Mrs. Brady has been part of our lives for the last two years, so how can the kids move on without her? I believe that Kenzie got spoiled more at school by Mrs. Brady and Ms. Paulette than she did at home by me!

When Kaleb was in Mrs Brady’s class last year, Kenzie went in with me everyday to drop Kaleb off. Now this year, Kenzie was actually in her class, so it seems like Mrs. Brady has been Kenzie’s teacher for two years.

Goodbye, Mrs. Paulette…

Mrs. Brady taught Kenzie to read just like she taught Kaleb. She has hugged and kissed on Kenzie and made school fun for her. I’m sure she has momma’d Kenzie like she did Kaleb. You see, she loves Kenzie and Kenzie loves her!

And Mrs. Carpenter has helped Kaleb learn to be successful in school, both in his behavior and in his schoolwork. He has thrived in her class when I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Goodbye, Mrs. Carpenter…

Mrs. Carpenter not only prepared Kaleb for first grade, she taught him some valuable lessons about himself and his behavior that will prepare him for life. You see, she loves Kaleb and Kaleb loves her!

Thank you, Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Carpenter for loving my children. To me, that was the most important lesson they could learn in your class–that you loved them. I know Kaleb and Kenzie will miss you, but I’m really going to miss you, too…

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