Cinderella Man


You know the story of Cinderella. The wicked stepsisters make Cinderella stay home and do all the work while they go to the ball. Then Cinderella’s fairy godmother magically appears and transforms Cinderella from house servant to a beautiful princess so she can go to the ball and meet the prince and he can fall in love with her.

Sometimes I get to feeling like Cinderella Man–CinderFella. I have to stay home and do all the work while everyone else is at the ball.

It’s not that I’m depressed about not getting to go to the ball (though sometimes I would at least like to watch a football game or a movie on television or read a book), but it’s more like I don’t see an end to all this housework ever occurring!

So, I really have no hope of attending to all the other tasks around the house that need to get done such as fixing the sink in the bathroom, planting the garden, fertilizing the yard, shopping for kids clothes or even going to bed early, because I never finish the regular work routine!

I simply don’t know how I’m going to get these other tasks done and there’s no hope that I will get to go to the ball because there is no end to the regular tasks I need to do to keep the home and family running somewhat smoothly.

It seems like lately, the housework has been getting to me. I’ve never really enjoyed it but I have tolerated it and not complained so much about it.

But now all this housework is driving me crazy! I seem to be growing less efficient at it the more I do it! Maybe because I’m so weighted down by a big chip on my shoulder!

And, I can’t even spend quality time with the kids because there’s always something else I need to do–wash clothes, wash the dishes, pick up around the house, go to the grocery store…

Then I start doing one thing and something else pops up and I don’t finish the first thing. And just when I think I’m done with everything, there’s a big load of clothes hiding in the dryer that I forgot about that still needs folding and putting away!

So, I can hardly stand to live with myself anymore because I’m complaining all the time! Yes, it seems this relationship is really going bad!

That’s why I’m thinking about separation, maybe even divorce. I just need some time away from myself, from Cinderella Man. I need a break from all that griping and grumbling.

Maybe I need a break from reality!

Or maybe I just need a fairy godmother to magically appear and transform this Cinderfella guy into a Prince Charming!

1 thought on “Cinderella Man

  1. OK….You just had a garage sale which is enough to drive you nuts without two little ones running around! 😉 AND you do need some time alone…every week…with NO chores! Use one of Conner’s nights to get away, go walk, run or just hide! Or come watch a Black and White with preacher!!! AND it is time to bring the kiddos in on the picking up and cleaning. Once they get going, they usually are proud of themselves….and it won’t be perfect, but it’s good training, as well as, making you let go of some of it. Your home is always very neat and tidy when we drop by and that is too much for you too do. Take time with them, instead of so much time FOR them. As always, you are doing an unbelievable job and we are SO proud of you! Just ease up on you! 😉


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