A “Working” Vacation – Part 1

BooksForOceanTrip-SepiaWhy do I always take a stack of books and magazines with me to read when I take the kids on a vacation? Am I so delusional that I actually think I’m going to get to sit down and relax and read any selections from my vacation library that I have packed up and brought along on the trip?

When I tell the kids, “We are going on a vacation,” I may say “we” but I guess what I really mean is “they.” They are going on a vacation!

I know I’ve said this before (see this post, What Vacation?), but I’ll say it again, “It’s a vacation for them, but it’s work for me!” And it’s work that takes more work than the usual work routine does because you are out of your regular work environment! (I just used “work” four times in one sentence! Is it okay to do that?)

I suppose I could call it a “working” vacation–pun intended!

So why don’t we just stay home if it’s so much work? If I’m just going to complain about it, why even take a vacation?

Because it’s worth it! Because they’re worth it!

On our recent vacation we went to the ocean and when they walked out on that beach for the first time and saw the ocean waves rolling in, it was like they were supposed to be there! The ocean was where they were meant to be!

We had discovered the land of Kaleb and Kenzie! Water and sand! The perfect kid vacation! The ultimate travel destination for Poppy’s New Adventure!

Yes, it was worth all the work for all the fun and good times and memories. And yes, we’ll be going back to the beach even if it is a lot of work.

I just won’t pack so many books and magazines next time!


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