Something New!

K&KStandingTogetherRedRiverShirts2This week I put the house up for sale and started cleaning everything out of the storage unit. I’m going to have a big yard sale and sell everything.

Well, not everything, but almost everything. I’ll keep the dishes and the furniture and let my (grown) kids pick out what they want. But for the right price, anything except for the children is for sale!

No, we’re not leaving town. I’m not quitting my job. I’m not changing jobs.

But, we’re moving on; we’re starting over; we’re going to do something new! Poppy’s New Adventure is pointing our adventure towards the future by focusing more on “New” and less on “Poppy’s.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love our home. I love our life in this house. It has a lot of memories. But memories aren’t reality. And memories of my past don’t build the children’s future.

We need to start a new home and a new life. We need to be a new family. So, we’re breaking away from the past and we’re going to discover what the future holds!.

Maybe we’ll buy a home in the country…
Maybe we’ll buy some land and build a log cabin…
Maybe we’ll buy a home on the other side of town…
Maybe we’ll have a swimming pool…
Maybe we’ll get a dog and some chickens…
Maybe we’ll build a big tree house…
Maybe we’ll have a garden…
Maybe we’ll have a pond to fish in…

Whatever we do and however we do it, it will be something different, something new. And, it will be our new family doing it…

The children’s greatest days are ahead and so I want us to be living for the future and not living in the past.

We hope you will be sure and join us for some really new adventures on Poppy’s New Adventure!

Author: Steve

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