Girl and Boy Interrupting

PoppyReadingGrandparentingBookHave you ever done this? Gone to the grocery store and reach for the list you have so conscientiously been writing out all week, and then you realize it’s still posted on the refrigerator door…

(If you would like to know why is it so difficult for me to do a simple thing like take the grocery list off the refrigerator door and carry it out to the car, then you should read the 31 things I have to do before leaving the house!)

How about this? You’re cooking and you take a few steps to the pantry to retrieve more ingredients listed on the recipe and by the time you walk over there you don’t remember the ingredients you needed and you have to go back and check the recipe again.

Do you ever go into another room to retrieve something and then get in the other room and you don’t know remember what you came for, return to the first room, remember what it is you wanted in the first place and then repeat the process?


Not now kids. Can’t you see that I’m reading a book?

Around our house when that happens to me, it usually means going to a room that’s either upstairs or downstairs from the room I am in.

If there’s something I need while downstairs and I can’t find it, then it’s certainly upstairs. And, if I’m upstairs and there’s something I need, then undoubtedly it’s downstairs! Then I trek up or down the stairs and forget what I came for.


Don’t interrupt, I’m trying to learn how to raise kids!

You probably think I’m in over my head. You may think I’ve got more than I can handle.

Or maybe you think senility is starting to settle in.

I have a better explanation. It’s called girl and boy interrupting me!

I am constantly being interrupted while trying to complete even the most basic of tasks. In the middle of almost any task I’m undertaking, I get interrupted by a child needing me to give comfort, play, explain, answer, retrieve or fix something.

And talk on the phone. I can’t even have a phone conversation with a telemarketer without a child asking who I’m talking to and can they talk to them.

Have some privacy while in the bathroom? Not a chance! And, I don’t really consider it privacy when you’re in there and you see little fingers sticking out from under the door and little voices calling out from under the door asking what you are doing and when will you finish.

And, I can’t even write a blog post without constant interruptions. I think I’ve been working on this particular post for a week!

So, somebody tell me, when do kids get to the age that they can entertain themselves, play independently, stop interrupting?

Why is that whatever I’m doing is so interesting? Or am I just a kid magnet?


Irresistible! Okay, I’ll play…

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