The Long and Winding Road

K&KHuggingOnPathWhen the kids and I started out on this new adventure together, there were many new experiences awaiting us, new things for us to discover. Now, two-and-a-half years later, much of the newness has worn off and the adventure we are on is seeming more like a journey down a long and winding road!

The new adventure has become a well-trodden path!

Yes, it’s life, it’s the regular routine of life.

Parenting, even grandparenting, is not so “grand” sometimes. And, certainly no adventure. It’s more like work, hard work!

Caring for the souls of young human beings is an epic responsibility. Parenting is a job that never ends, that never, ever finishes.

There’s no completion date for raising kids! Maybe you can take an occasional break from it, but you can never really forget about it; you can never get them out of your head.

You are always thinking about the kids. What’s for dinner tonight? How are they feeling? Are they happy? What will they wear tomorrow? What time is soccer practice? Do they need new shoes? Are their ears clean? Are they becoming self-actualizing human beings? (Well, maybe I don’t think about that one so much, but I suppose I should!)

And, though I post our life on this blog, my grand-parenting adventure isn’t really so much an adventure, it’s just life, the regular routine of life. And, it’s probably, hopefully, a lot like your life.

But it’s life, it’s work, and it’s important work, this parenting thing we do.

Growing and developing new human beings. Better human beings than we are, at least that’s what we are striving for. Better human beings than we are that will make even better human beings than they are…

Isn’t that how it works, isn’t that what it’s all about? Aren’t the kids what it’s all about? Aren’t they the reason we take this journey? Aren’t they why we travel this long and winding road?


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