Ode to The Snow Day


Snow Day, Snow Day.
Here’s what I’ve got to say, day…
Wish it’d just go away, day.
Kids are home from school, day.
Inside they have to stay, day.
They just want to play and play, day.

My nerves beginning to fray, day.
I want to get away, day
How long will this snow stay, day?
More snow tomorrow? No way, day!
Sun, send just one little ray, day.
Let’s all stop and pray, day…
Please Lord, not another snow day!


1 thought on “Ode to The Snow Day

  1. I was thinking we should call today to see if you were still alive!!! I’m sure it’s not quite as restful and ‘getting things done at home’ like it is at our house! So sorry! Praying for a CLEAR DAY!!! 😉


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