I Really Hate Late

(more apologies to Dr. Seuss)
We’ve got to get going
We’re going to be late.
My two little Ks
No time to debate.
I really hate late
K-One and K-Two.
So please can we go?
We are long overdue!
Why make me wait
When I want to go straight?
Go straight to our date
And not always be late!
Late is a state
I just cannot take.
I really hate late
It makes my head ache!

You K’s aggravate
When you’re moving so slow.
We just cannot wait
So let’s go, go, go, go!
You always move fast
When we’re not in a hurry.
But when the time’s past,
No scurry, no worry.
You just won’t go quick.
It’s your own little trick.
To make us be late
Once again for our date.
Why do you lag?
Why make me drag?
Why diddle and dawdle?
Why widdle and waddle?
When it’s time to start going
You need to be knowing.
I really hate late!
So, make no mistake!
One of these days
You slow-moving K’s.
You’ll be in a hurry
To leave in a flurry.
To get to your fun
You’ll run, run, run, run
You’ll go hurly burly
So you can be early.
But something to know
To get to your show
Your date you won’t make
If Poppy won’t take!

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