The First, First Day of School

It’s the first, first day of school!

There will be a lot of first days of school for Kaleb and  Kenzie during the course of their lives…

But there will only be one first, first day of school.

The first, first day of school is the first day of school for the first time for both of them.

Come on, Sis, let’s go to school!

Since Kaleb was a veteran of going to school having completed Pre-K, and Kenzie was the rookie, on that first, first day big brother showed little sister the way.

Big brother showed little sister how to get her back pack on when you get out of the car. And then how to walk safely across the parking lot to the front door of the school.

He showed her how to do a knuckle-punch with Coach Peters when you enter the front door of the school.

Big brother showed little sister how not to run down the halls at school, though it was quite difficult for both of them.

And, he showed her how to find Mrs. Brady’s classroom, though she had been there many times before because Mrs. Brady was Kaleb’s teacher last year!

Now, a new phase of their life is beginning. School will become a big part of their lives for many years to come.

And, I hope big brother and little sister will always be there for each other, finding their way through life together.

Don’t worry, little sister, I’ll show you the way.

Author: Steve

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