The (Daycare) Class of 2013

In a previous post (see here) I wrote about Kaleb’s graduation from daycare. Now here we are a year later and it’s Kenzie’s daycare graduation.

Only this time I’m not being so cynical about the graduation ceremony.

I wanted to be at her daycare graduation ceremony because even though it’s just daycare, it celebrates an important  milestone in her life!

Whether I like it or not, my baby is starting school. She will no longer be my baby girl. Now, she will be my little girl.

So, my baby girl is is leaving toddlerhood! Now, she has become school-age.

It’s a sort of happy, sort of sad occasion. But, life keeps moving on, I suppose, and the children are going to grow up.

And, isn’t it my job to help her grow up?

So, I will help to the best of my ability, but I’ll cherish the time that she was my baby…

Now, imagine my surprise (and delight) when the Monday morning after the graduation ceremony on Friday, I sat down to read the local newspaper and I saw her graduation picture on the front page above the fold!

Her picture published on the front page of the newspaper…

for all the world to see…

for all the world to know…

just how cute, just how precious, my baby girl is!

I mean, my little girl.

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