Just Because You’re Family Doesn’t Mean You Have to Share Slobbers

Let me begin this post with this disclaimer: The content of this post may not be suitable for persons with a low gag level.

So consider yourself warned!

For me, as a (grand)parent, there have to be boundaries to the love and affection that the children share with me.

Although I love them very much, there are just some limits to how we show and share that love!

Do I love my children less if I don’t want their saliva slavering onto or into any part of my body, particularly in the facial area such as eyes, ears, nose, or especially, MY MOUTH?

You know, it’s one thing being slobbered on by a little baby. But it’s just not quite as an endearing experience when the ones whose slobbers you share are big enough to go to the bathroom on their own or put on their own shoes!

So, let me explain my dilemma.

If the kids are drinking through a straw and want to share their drink with me, am I being overly germ conscious and do I love them any less if I don’t want to drink from the same straw they are using…just because there’s slobber mixed with juice or milk running back down the straw?

Will they feel rejected if I wipe off the straw or even get my own straw?

Or, if I’m drinking from a cup or a drink container, they always want to take a drink. I admit that I really don’t like to share with them. But when I do (and I always do), I wipe off the cup or container after they take their drink and before I take another drink.

“Hey, you better not backwash when you take a drink!”

And, it never fails that they want a bite of whatever I’m eating from the utensil that I’m eating with. Why can’t they just use their teeth or lips or to gently take the bite from the utensil? Instead, they completely encase the bite of food and the end of my eating utensil with their mouth and then lick off the food remnants with their tongues!

“Eat your own food, okay? It’s the same thing I have!”

And if they’re licking on a sucker, popsicle, or ice cream cone: “No thanks. I don’t want a lick. I appreciate the offer, but you can have it all for yourself.”

But what really grosses me out is when they hand me a balloon to blow up and they’ve been trying to blow it up themselves. It’s like receiving a handful of slobber!

“If you want me to blow up a balloon for you, then pleeeeez, get me another balloon. And don’t put your mouth on it!”

I love my kids. We’re a family. And I want to give them all my love and affection. But, just because we’re family, just because we love each other, does that mean we have to share slobbers?

“How about a big hug!”

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