Take Me Out to the Ballgame…NOT!

I signed up the kids for T-ball this summer thinking it would be a lot of fun to see them play and a fun experience for them (actually,  it was Conner’s idea).

There was a peewee league for four- and five-year-olds, so I thought I could get them on the same team.

As it turns out, it was a four-year-old league AND a five-year old league. The teams in each league played ten games in one month. So, for us that would be twenty T-ball games in one month, plus practices!

So, I paid $100 to sign them up, pledged my allegiance to T-ball for the month of June, and cursed Conner for talking me into this!

When we got their schedules, it was brutal! Games could be any week night except Wednesday, which was for make-ups in the event a game got rained out.

Sometimes both kids had games on the same night. Sometimes both kids had games on the same night at the same time on different fields. And sometimes, both kids had games on the same night at the same time on different fields in different ball parks!

Yep, our little town has two ball parks at the opposite ends of town to play T-ball!

I had our friend Barbara create a consolidated schedule for us so I didn’t slip up and miss any games. And then we cross-listed them on our monthly calendar at home that’s posted by the door. For more back up, I put their schedules on the calendar on my cell phone including time, field, and ballpark information. That way I could reference the schedule no matter where I was: work, home, or in the car!

So when they both had games on the same night, Conner would take one and I would take the other (after all, she got us into this). I could handle it by myself (sort of) on nights she didn’t work and both had games IF the games were at the same ball park or there was an hour in between the games to give us time to relocate to the other ball park.

Sounds complicated, I know. It took some creative planning and scheduling to pull it off and then things didn’t always run smoothly or go as planned.

Here’s an example of our schedule on an evening when there was both a T-ball game and a ball practice at different locations:
5:00 pm – Pick-up kids up at daycare.
5:15 pm – Go back home to retrieve forgotten T-ball equipment, uniforms, water, or snacks for the ball game and/or practice.
6:00 pm – Drive through Sonic to get a grilled cheese sandwich and grape slush for dinner.
6:15 pm – Stop and clean up grape slush spilled all over the car.
6:30 pm – Return to Sonic to purchase another grape slush. Ask for extra napkins.
7:00 pm – Take Kenzie to ball practice.
7:40 pm – Leave Kenzie with Conner and take Kaleb to 8:00 pm ball game.
7:50 pm – Arrive at ball park for Kaleb’s game. Stand around and wait for the 7:00 pm game to be over.
8:20 pm – Take the field for 8:00 pm game. Wait for all the players to show up and the umpires to start the game.
8:30 pm – The 8:00 pm game starts. Conner arrives with Kenzie and drops her off.
9:12 pm – Game is over but there’s 18 minutes left on the clock. (They have to play for an hour according to league rules.) The teams play two more innings.
9:30 pm – Game is over, finally.
9:35 pm – Team meeting and snacks after the game. Coach announces practice the next day but now is not a good time to talk to me about going to ball practice the next day!
9:45 pm – Leave ball park exasperated (me) and exhausted (me and kids).
10:10 pm – Arrive at home. Decide not to give them bath. They can take a quick shower in the morning if we wake up in time.
10:30 pm – Put kids to bed.
10:45 pm – Put uniforms and practice clothes in washer and begin packing up snacks and equipment for tomorrow’s practice and game.
11:00 pm – Fall asleep on the couch.
12:30 am – Wake-up from midnight nap on couch and put uniforms in dryer.
1:00 am – Go to bed. Will finish packing uniforms and practice clothes in the morning, if I remember, while we’re rushing off to school and work because we overslept!

I am happy to report that despite the brutal schedule, we made it through the month without suffering any injuries other than minor heat stroke, sunburn, and sheer exhaustion! We missed a few practices, but missed no games (except for the last one on the schedule when we were on vacation).

So, was it worth it? Will we do it again next summer?

Take a look at the pictures below and tell me what you think I should do, although it seems pretty clear to me…

1 thought on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame…NOT!

  1. They were so cute in their little uniforms and ball caps! Maybe swimming lessons next year would be a cooler choice!


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