My Peeps Won’t Sleep

(with apologies to Dr. Seuss)
I have two peeps, they like to leap.
They leap, leap, leap, those perky peeps.
When my peeps leap, they will not sleep.
They will not sleep; they want to leap.
My sleepy peeps, they want to leap,
Instead of sleep. And then I bleep!
Like a great big creep, I bleep, bleep, bleep!
When they don’t sleep, those leaping peeps.
Please count some sheep, you sleepy peeps,
Please go to sleep, so I won’t bleep.

Now my two peeps, they are not cheap.
The price is steep, to keep two peeps!
It makes me weep, those costly peeps,
When they don’t sleep, and leap and leap.
And tho’ my peeps, don’t fall asleep,
I’m in too deep, since peeps aren’t cheap.
Tho’ peeps aren’t cheap, and they won’t sleep.
Tho’ my peeps leap, and don’t count sheep.
Tho’ I weep, and tho’ I bleep.
Yet, I think I’ll keep my peeps!
And, if you sleep, my weary peeps,
I pray a blessing, you will reap.

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