It Is What It Is!


I’ve been hearing the expression, “It is what it is” a lot lately. The expression is not part of my vocabulary, but I’ve decided to start using it.

Here’s why…

The expression seems to be a popular cliché or euphemism that is used to restate the obvious and express acceptance of (or resignation to) a condition that seemingly can’t be changed. I suppose the expression is a by-product of our post-modern culture.

But, it is an effective response to just about any observation a person makes and a useful explanation for just about any situation or behavior that can occur. Here’s some examples:

Compact Car Owner: “I can’t believe the price of gas.”
SUV Owner: “It is what it is!”

Sports Announcer: “Do you think that missed call by the officials in the last few seconds of the game contributed to your one-point win?
Basketball Coach: “Our team showed up for the game and gave 100%, and so it is what it is.”

PNA Blog Reader: “I don’t know why anyone reads this blog. It’s a total waste of time.”
PNA Blog Writer: “Hey, it is what it is!”

But, what’s useful to me about this expression is when a teacher, principal, concerned parent, or other anxious grown-up observes my kids’ naughty behavior, I can give the same explanation (or excuse) no matter what they’ve done! All I have to do is utter the phrase, “It is what it is!” and change my facial expression.

(And, for all you grandparents, it’s the perfect explanation for the not-so-cute behavior of your so-cute grandchildren!)


Here’s what I mean…

Them: “Your children don’t mind very well, do they?”
Me: (rolling eyes downward) “Well they didn’t get a nap today. It is what it is!”

Them: “Do your children have ADHD? They seem so hyper.”
Me: (shrugging shoulders) “They’re young and energetic. So, it is what it is!”


Them: “Your children sure talk a lot and ask silly questions.”
Me: (glaring) “They are clever aren’t they. It must be genetic. It is what it is!”

Them: “Your children aren’t very well-behaved. Don’t you ever spank them?”
Me: (sighing) “I’m a grandparent. They’re cute. So, it is what it is!”

Them: “Your children don’t share or play nicely with the other children.”
Me: (rolling eyes upward) “They learned it by fighting with each other all the time at home. So, it is what it is!”

Them: “They sure keep you hopping trying to keep up with them, don’t they?”
Me: (grabbing at little arms) “Since there’s two of them and one of me, it is what it is!”

Them: “You mean you’re a grandparent raising two preschoolers by yourself?”
Me: (smiling) “Hard to believe, isn’t it? But, it is what it is!”

2 thoughts on “It Is What It Is!

  1. Lol…how about, “If you can’t beat em, join em!!”…Then collapse on the floor in wild laughter while the toddlers pig pile you!! I’ve been guilty of the act, it’s either that or finally admit myself to the asylum where my little one is sure to join me! Lol, great writing Steve. (Have you thought about writing books?? Your writing is exquisite. Funny, insightful, thought evoking…two thumbs up from Toddler Mom!! 🙂


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