Good Bye, Mrs. Brady

The end of Kaleb’s first year of school in Pre-K has arrived.

The start and end of a school year are an emotional time, but for different reasons.

At the beginning of the year you’re apprehensive about how well your child will respond to his new teacher. Will they have a good relationship? Will he learn from the new teacher?

If the answer was positive to those questions you had at the beginning of the year, then the end of the year will also be an emotional time, but of a different sort.

When the school year comes to an end, there’s some sorrow and sadness that comes with it, for both student and teacher. When a nurturing relationship has developed between teacher and student, then it’s almost like saying goodbye to someone you will never see again.

It’s sad because your child is not going to see his beloved teacher every day. It’s sad because he’s sad!

And, it’s sad for the teacher in much the same way. Your child is burned into her memory at the age he was when he was in her class.

Sure, she may see him from time to time and observe him at a distance as he grows up, but he will never again be that little four-year-old boy that was in her Pre-K class.

But the end of the school year is a time to celebrate as well!

Kaleb had a wonderful year in Mrs. Brady’s class. He learned a lot. He can write the letters of the alphabet and his name, and he can even read several words (when I was in school, you didn’t learn all that until first grade!).

Kaleb loved to go to school each day because he loved Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Paulette.

But of all the things Kaleb learned in your class, Mrs. Brady, when he received your unconditional love and acceptance, he loved you in return. In fact, he loved you “so much.”

Kaleb learned from his teacher how it felt to be loved and to give love. And I think that will be the best lesson he could ever have learned at school.

So be happy for Kaleb, Mrs. Brady. Your nurturing will help form Kaleb into a warm and loving human being. He will be a better person as a result of being your student! And what could be more important than that?

Your imprint will be on him for life!

And as Kaleb moves on to kindergarten, let me mention this. Remember that little girl that followed Kaleb into your classroom everyday when we brought him to school?

Well, look out! Guess who’s coming to Pre-K next year…

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