My Child Is A (Promising) Genius

I’m fixin’ to blow out these candles!

Kenzie had her 4th birthday not long ago and I’ve begun to notice that her grammar skills are becoming quite developed.

Instead of speaking only in present tense, she can now speak in Southern present progressive tense!

“I’m fixin’ to do this,” or “I’m fixin; to do that,” she says.

I wonder where she heard that?

Recently, she was screened (tested) for entrance into the Pre-K program at the public school. The screening determines where a child is developmentally before starting school for the first time.

You might remember in a previous post, “My Child is a Genius,” I submitted a picture of a mobile she created with coat hangers as photographic evidence that she is truly a genius! So, as you might imagine, I had high hopes and great expectations for the results of her Pre-K screening.

All parents want their children to be smart, maybe even genius material, and all grandparents know that their grandchildren are geniuses.

But, after the putting-the-pants-on-backwards episode, you may question the validity of my child genius claim!

After reviewing the results of Sissy’s Pre-K screening, I’m happy to report that her test scores were even better than I expected…

I thought my child might be a genius, and the scores indicate that she is average, right in the middle of the bell curve, normal. She’s OK! She’s just where I want her to be!

She’s not a Pre-K genius, she’s just normal! And, in this family, “normal” is good!

I even like the sound of  “Normal,” “Average.” To me, that means your child is gonna be OK!

And, “OK” is a good starting point for having a great life!

After all, promising geniuses have to start somewhere and “OK” is the best place to start!

But, as it turns out, Kaleb is now showing signs of being genius material!

Kaleb read the most “sight” words of anyone in his Pre-K class and so the teacher bought him cheesey tater tots and a soft drink!

So,now I have two promising geniuses on my hands!

Do cheesy tots cause cheesy grins?

1 thought on “My Child Is A (Promising) Genius

  1. I had to share this comment received in an email from my 85-year-old cousin, Jeannie, after she read this post. She said: “The calmness of ‘Normal’ far exceeds the torment of trying to obtain ‘Genius,’ unless it is naturally there.” That’s what I was trying to say in this post, just couldn’t say it as masterfully as my wise cousin!


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