Daylight Savings Time? NOT!

Whoever thought up daylight savings time obviously didn’t have small children.

Because if he did, he would know not to trifle with children’s bedtime routine.

Just when it seems you’ve got the children going to bed at a regular time and you’re even starting to get a full night’s sleep, then they say daylight savings time is starting…or stopping…again!

And it wrecks the whole bedtime routine!

It’s amazing how much damage one little hour forward or backward can inflict on the whole bedtime routine around your house.

Curse you, daylight savings time (or daylight saving time or DST or whatever your name is)!

After all, when you have small children, isn’t the main goal to get them in bed as soon as possible so you can do all the things you need or want to do but can’t when they’re awake?

So why would anybody want to trifle with their bedtime routine?

Why do anything that causes them to stay up later and/or get up earlier?

They must not have been thinking about the children when they decided to have daylight savings time!

Now, every evening I find myself arguing with the toddlers as I try to convince them that it is, in fact, really bedtime even though it’s light outside.

They don’t believe me!

They just think I’m trying to make them go to bed early.

And then it’s all reversed in the morning.

I have to persuade them to get up in the morning even though it’s dark.

It’s a struggle every morning trying to get them up so that they get to school and I get to work on time.

I can’t get them to bed on time at night because it’s still light and then I can’t get them up in the morning because it’s still dark.

And they’re tired because they didn’t get to bed on time the night before…because it’s daylight savings time!

Daylight Savings Time? NOT!

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