When Left To Their Own Devices – The Sequel

A few weeks ago I told you about an episode around our house in which I allowed the toddlers to play independently for a little while without continuously checking on them (see this post).

It led to a disastrous mess with Mentholatum spread all over the floor and walls of their bedrooms.

Well, another incident has occurred resulting from independent play. And, again it involves, you guessed it, Mentholatum!

As I said in the previous post, when left to their own devices, even a brief exercise in independence by the toddlers will often result in a household disaster.

So, I have to ask, what’s the deal with that Mentholatum?

It’s like the catnip of toddlers!

It’s irresistible to them. They love it. They can’t get enough of it!

They always want me to rub some on them and then they want to lick it off.

On Saturday the toddlers were playing downstairs while I was preparing breakfast. In a little while Kaleb came ambling into the kitchen and nonchalantly told me that Kenzie had the Mentholatum in my bathroom.

Let me give you a little background information that provides some context for what is about to happen. In our house the master bathroom, my bathroom, is a fairly large room. You could set up a dining table and probably seat 6-8 people for dinner in there, if you wanted to throw a dinner party in the bathroom.

There’s a lot of floor space, so it’s a place the toddlers like to run around in and play.

So, I keep everything in my bathroom that I use for personal hygiene including razors, toothpaste, floss, and any kind of over-the-counter medicines and prescription medicines in a big plastic tub.

I put the tub up on a high shelf in the closet and get it down in the morning when I get up and shower and get ready for the day. I happened to have a little plastic jar of Mentholatum out because we’ve all had a cold for the last week or so and I’ve been using it on them and myself at night.

I apparently had left the Mentholatum out on the counter in my bathroom instead of returning it to the plastic tub.

When Kaleb casually mentioned that Kenzie had the Mentholatum, immediately alarms went off in my head after our previous experience. I literally ran towards the bathroom and the odor intensified the closer I got.

So I knew I was in for another catastrophe!

When I reached the bathroom I couldn’t see Kenzie, but the air was thick with the dreadful odor of Mentholatum.

I ran over to the toilet closet because the door was closed. I threw open the door and there she was standing by the toilet with Mentholatum spread all over herself and smiling smugly, like the cat that swallowed the canary. No jar of Mentholatum was in sight.

I noticed that the toilet was running and filling with water but there was nothing in the toilet bowl. Upon closer inspection I could see the toilet handle was coated in Mentholatum.

I gasped! I shrieked! I couldn’t believe it!


Yes, she flushed the jar of Mentholatum down the toilet.

I plunged my hand down in the toilet bowl to see if I could reach it but I couldn’t get down very far. My guess is it’s stuck somewhere between the toilet and sewer pipe.

The plumber is coming tomorrow to try to unstop it. I don’t know how I’m going to explain it.

I don’t think I’ll even try…

2 thoughts on “When Left To Their Own Devices – The Sequel

  1. Oh Steve, I found you about 2 weeks ago but this is the first day I’ve had time to really read. Your stories make me remember so many of my own. You’ve given me so many smiles already today. Thanks.


  2. I’m glad you finally found us, because we’ve been looking for you!! Thanks for reading and laughing and sharing with us…


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