The Nonconformist

Kaleb’s school put on a President’s Day performance. The Pre-K classes recited a poem and sang a song.

Kaleb was pumped about the performance, and especially when he got up on stage in front of everybody.

He loved being up in front of everyone performing and he made the most of his performance!

While I was sitting a ways back in the auditorium, I could tell even from there that he was quite animated. Plus, I had seen him practice his song, and he put a lot of creative expression into it. Probably more than was really necessary, but it was cute.

During the performance his teacher took some pictures and videos from the stage and these verified what I thought I was seeing from way back in the auditorium.

In the picture below, try to guess which one is Kaleb  (I gave you a hint since I blurred all the children’s faces for the purpose of this post).

You can see that while everyone else is standing up, Kaleb is bending down taking a bow!

I suppose he’s not going to be one to do what everyone else does. If you should be standing, then he’s bowing!

Maybe he’s marching to the beat of a different drummer, standing out from the crowd, taking the path less traveled….what we used to call, being a nonconformist.

And, maybe those are admirable qualities to have…as an adult.

But in Pre-K it’s annoying!

I think I would like him to just to blend in and keep a low profile.

Maybe we’ll just work on being a team player for now and leave the nonconformity for when he gets to be a teenager!

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