When I Go To School

I described in previous posts (see this, this, and this) how Kaleb started Pre-K at a public school this year while Kenzie has remained at daycare. At first, it was quite an adjustment for all of us, but especially for the toddlers because they had always been together and participated in all the same activities together.

Now, our regular routine is to take Kaleb to school first because his school starts the earliest and then take Kenzie to daycare.

Kenzie loves going to Kaleb’s school each morning. You see, in her three-year-old mind, she already owns the place! She knows she is going to school there next year and she’s already claimed it as her domain.

With Pre-K’ers, parents are required to walk them to their classes, not just drop them off like you can with the older kids. So each morning I park the car in the school parking lot and Kenzie and I walk Kaleb to his classroom.

As we walk up to the front door of the school, Coach is there assisting children in getting out of their cars as they are dropped off. When they walk by, Kaleb and Kenzie have to get his attention so they can do a knuckle-punch with Coach before we go into the school.

The principal is often standing in the entry area of the school building when we arrive. She always has an enthusiastic hello for Kaleb and Kenzie and for all the kids coming in the building.

But she’s become acquainted with Kenzie and tells me and Kenzie how she can’t wait for her to come to school there next year. I chuckle to myself and mutter something under my breath like “If you only knew!” or “How soon can she start?”

And, then I tell the principal I can’t wait either because I’m hoping she can get her straightened out as I don’t seem to be having much success!

Oh, did I mention? She’s three, you know, and she’s good at it!

When we get to Kaleb’s classroom, Kenzie walks right in with (or before) Kaleb like it’s her classroom, too. She greets Kaleb’s teacher, Mrs. Brady, and then enters into whatever activity Mrs. Brady is doing with her students. Mrs. Brady lets her join the activity or stops and admires the treasure that Kenzie has carried in with her on that day.

I forgot to mention that Kenzie always wants to carry in either her pink blanket (nite-nite) or her little stuffed doggy toy (named Honey, this week). She makes Coach, the principal, and Mrs. Brady, and whoever else (parent, student, teacher) will pay attention to her, stop and and see what treasure she is carrying with her on that day.

After we bid goodbye to Mrs. Brady and Kaleb and Kaleb’s classmates with kisses and hugs (Kenzie, not me), then Kenzie usually wants to go down to the cafeteria and see another one of the teachers, Ms. Liz (although Kenzie calls her by her full name, Elizabeth). Elizabeth was her caregiver in the nursery at church for a couple of years so they are good friends. And Kenzie can’t wait to show her what treasure she has carried in that day.

By this time I’m ready to go because I really need to get to work, while Kenzie would like to spend the morning working the crowd at the school!

So, I certainly wish the principal and teachers the best of luck next year when Kenzie goes to school, because they’re going to have themselves a new four-year-old there to help them run the place!

Kaleb and Kenzie incognito in Mrs. Brady’s class!

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